Professor Tan Kun Published a Research Paper in “Scientific Reports”

Recently,  Professor Tan Kun published a research paper in “Scientific Reports” titled  Assessing the Spatiotemporal Variation and Impact Factors of Net Primary  Productivity in China, in which China University of Mining and Technology is  the first signed unit and communication unit. Scientific Reports is a  comprehensive academic journal with significant influence in the “Nature” Group,  which ranks 7/63 in the JCR district Q1.

Net primary  productivity of vegetation is an important index of the carbon cycle, which is  widely used to characterize carbon sequestration capacity.Cooperating  with his doctoral student Wang Xue, Professor Tan Kun obtained high precision  distribution data on net primary vegetation productivity in China through  applying remote sense imaging in China's land system.They further  analyzed the results from climate, culture, economy and other  aspects.Combined with  the analysis of the results they also gave guidance on economic construction and  ecological environmental protection.The research  was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Basic  Scientific Research Fund of the Central University.

A Brief  Introduction of Prof. Tan Kun:

Professor Tan  Kun, doctoral supervisor, member of the American Institute of Electrical and  Electronics Engineers. In 2010, he received a doctorate degree from China  University of Mining and Technology. He studied at Columbia University from 2008  to 2009 and visited Spain Hypercomp laboratory from 2014 to 2015. He has  published more than 70 academic papers on hyperspectral remote sensing featuring  extraction and inversion, mining environmental remote sensing and pattern  recognition, which includes 26 SCI papers and more than 30 EI papers that  published in Scientific Reports, ISPRS JPRS, IEEE JSTAR and other  international academic journals.

Addition:Assessing the  Spatiotemporal Variation and Impact Factors of Net Primary Productivity in  China.pdf